At The WATS Line, we provide links to a range of resources and information to allow people from all walks of life to investigate the historical context for why Black Lives Matter.

We've created a space where you can discover the historical beginnings of systemic and institutionalised racism and further educate yourself on the contributions of the Black community to our global society. Here at The WATS Line, you will find the necessary tools to help acknowledge and challenge the sad reality of racism; shining a light on racial injustice where you see it and work towards making an everlasting change for generations to come!

Our inspiration


On 25th May 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was murdered on camera by members of Minneapolis Police Department for the whole world to see...and see they did. 


This single act of senseless violence triggered a series of protests across the globe — including right here in the UK. Seemingly for the first time, the whole world was awakened not only to the injustice of Floyd’s death but to the centuries of institutionalised and systemic racism that allowed this very moment to take place. Floyd was not the first black person to be killed by police officers but we demand that he be the last.  

What was The WATS Line?

For US civil rights activists in the 1960s, communication proved difficult in the hostile territory of the Deep South.  These pioneers found a way to bypass the (often) white switchboard operators who would purposefully block calls and thus crucial information being shared between civil rights workers. Using the Wide Area Telephone Service or the WATS line allowed activists to make calls directly to civil rights workers across the US and to keep the movement alive. It is in this spirit that we created this UK based site and named it after one of the first technological tools used to organise and resist racism.

Let your journey to being actively anti-racist start with a single click.